World Cup Coffee

World Cup CoffeeLike a fine wine, the flavor of a coffee can be influenced by the part of the world in which it is grown, the elevation of the coffee farm, and even the type of soil. From the tangy, lively flavors of Costa Rican coffee to the bright, sparkling, floral aromas of Kenyan coffee, to the pungent, dark, spicy tastes of Sumatran coffee, World Cup® brings you a sampling of distinctive coffees from the far reaches of the globe. Working closely with the Master Roaster from Steep & Brew Coffee Roasters — an internationally recognized coffee roaster — World Cup selects only the finest coffees that deliver an adventurous coffee experience.

The Beans

The quality of any coffee starts with the bean. There are two very different types of coffee beans. Arabica beans grow at a high altitude, are handpicked, and produce the finest, most flavorful coffees. In contrast, Robusta beans are grown at a lower altitude can be machine harvested and are, therefore, significantly cheaper. Robusta beans are generally used as filler in many mass-produced coffees, such as canned grocery store varieties. World Cup uses only the finest 100% Arabica coffee beans available, carefully selected by their Master Roaster. In addition, they go a step further and test each shipment of beans before it is accepted for roasting into World Cup coffee.

The Roasting

If you've ever made peanut brittle, you've probably tasted raw peanuts and noticed how they don't taste anything like roasted peanuts. Likewise, unroasted coffee beans are green, hard, tasteless, and do not even hint of the rich character locked within. Roasting coffee beans develops their full flavor and aroma. From citrus overtones, to chocolaty richness, to lingering floral notes, each bean harbors a complex personality that the roasting process gently fosters and brings to life. The World Cup Master Roaster holds a trained understanding of both the artistic and scientific complexities of this process and has years of experience producing award-winning coffees. This ensures that World Cup from Corner Pantry will provide a consistently exquisite cup of coffee every time.

The Corner Pantry Brewing Standard

To cultivate the rich, smooth taste that Corner Pantry coffee drinkers have come to expect, we use only clean, filtered water and meticulously monitor water temperature and brewing time. Once brewed, World Cup coffee is never reheated. Reheating reduces flavor and creates bitter coffee. We are consistently brewing single pots of coffee throughout the day. Brewing in small batches helps us maintain the quality of World Cup coffee and ensure that Corner Pantry coffee is always fresh. In addition, Corner Pantry is not afraid to throw out coffee that is past its prime. We do all this because we love coffee as much as you do, and we are committed to bringing you only the very best. Rich, distinctive coffees — the best the world has to offer.
That is the Corner Pantry and WORLD CUP commitment!

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